We are specialists in today’s agricultural business. Our approach encompasses from production in the field to retail commercialization. We combine expert consulting with results that positively impact the whole value chain of our clients.


We provide consulting services to companies for purchases, sells and mergers. We also provide consultancy to make agricultural processes efficient.
Founded in 2013, TERRAVALUE is a company based in Chile whose focus is the agricultural sector in Latin America.

Our management team has 60 years of experience in the agricultural sector, allowing us to provide integrated and unique insights on the trends, the opportunities and the risks of the sector.
We have a network of contacts immersed in the agricultural sector, which allows us to identify better off-market buying and selling opportunities.


Recaredo Ossa

Recaredo is a Chilean agricultural technician. He grew up on a farm and has dedicated his entire professional career to the fruit and wine business in Chile, USA, Mexico, Canada, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, with thirty five years of experience. Recaredo also received fruit production and post-harvest training at the University of California at Davis in the United States.
He actively participates on several Boards of Directors of companies in the agriculture industry and he is the Vice Chairman of the Chilean National Agriculture Organization (Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura) that has already been active for 180 years.

Giancarlo Papa

Giancarlo is an Agricultural Engineer and Chilean. He has twenty five years of experience in the commercial areas of leading companies in the agricultural, food and beverage businesses. He graduated from the Universidad Católica de Chile.
He has vast executive experience in national and multinational companies in the areas of business planning and development, being responsible for key functions such as cost management, planning-related analyses, exports and distribution, especially to the United Kingdom and the United States.


We understand each project and the relation with our clients as an alliance to create shared value. We commit ourselves with the result and the future projection of the business.

M&A Services

We accompany companies of the sector in the whole sell, merger and acquisition process, seeking to maximize the building of added value for our clients-partners and for each agricultural territory.

• Analysis of investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.
• Consulting services on purchases for national and international investors in terms of the identification, structuring and execution of investment opportunities.
• Consulting services on sales for international and national groups relating to the sale of agribusiness companies and agricultural assets.
• “Due diligence” regarding investment opportunities.
• Representation of clients throughout the negotiation and the closing process of the project.

Value-added Consulting

Likewise the land, our clients have unique characteristics. That is why we focus on their needs and the project they want to develop, combining strategic view and customized service.

• Management of post-acquisition agricultural assets to ensure management in accordance with agreed asset strategy.
• Review of the processes and work teams for their optimization.
• Detection of opportunities to maximize the value of assets, considering land, diversity of agricultural products and water.
• Representation of investors on Boards of Directors and delivery of investors reports regarding assets or sector opportunities.
• Identification of exit opportunities for investors, including selling operations to strategic and financial investors.



We actively collaborate with our clients-partners to design together the best proposal that solve their unique needs.



In case the process is successful, it should be completed with the Purchase-Sell of the company, merger of both companies, join of a minority shareholder, other options. And this is supported by an agreement, deed or other.
The process finishes with the presentation and submission of a report to the Board of Directors (Diagnosis and recommendations)


We are moved by the idea of giving agriculture a boost to positively impact in the future, continuously creating value-added, preserving the wealth of the land and its people.

We are interested in developing sustainable proposals in agribusiness, with projects that contribute to the growth of the places where we belong. We constantly review the state of the art of the agriculture and its processes to discover new solutions that improve the standard of the industry. We also learn from the practices that stand out in other industries in order to bring the best of them to the continuous development of the agriculture.